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Waiting for News

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I made the phone call to the lawyer’s office five days after our disappointment; I left a message. What explanation can anyone give me that I would find credible? Credible is a word I have seized upon after reading the trial transcript and which I believe could and did stand in opposition to reasonable doubt. I¬†will wait to hear to decide¬†credibility. I think what I will really be judging is possibility rather than credibility because there are all kinds of possibilities. I, of course, have my hypothesis that will always remain unproved unless I can plant a mole. I will be forced to accept but not forced to believe the explanation. Perhaps there will not even be an explanation.

At Last

I was with my grandson all day yesterday and did not receive a call from Jacob. Was the jail still on lockdown? I planned to drive downtown after my grandson was picked up and read the notices on the jail doors. Fortunately, I was only a few miles from those doors. Finally, Jacob called about 9 PM and saved me that trip. The guards did a whole jail shakedown looking for a ladle from the kitchen. At least that is what inmates were told; incredibly it seems they did not find it. Was it metal or plastic? Long-handled or short-handled? How did an inmate abscond with it from the kitchen? What procedures are in place to prevent such thefts? Of course Jacob’s books were questioned yet again by the searchers. What is their threat level? Weapons? Subversive? Provocative? Fire hazard? A CO fortunately interrupted the searchers to tell them Jacob had receipts for them all before they routed them.

Jacob told me a story another inmate shared with him. His parents drove 160 miles to visit him this weekend only to be turned away by that paper notice of lockdown. They must have questioned a guard then, and that person told them that there were stabbings in the jail. What kind of person would tell parents that story? Unfortunately, I know a few of those mean-spirited people.


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  1. I asked Jacob if he believed that inmate’s story of his parents visit. He said yes. So just who is the person who takes delight, finds amusement, experiences pleasure or feels a fulfillment of their own needs from another person’s pain?

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