The Uphill Slide

There is always something.



I can measure the passage of time in shrinking screens. Who could possibly read a newspaper or magazine or watch a video on that little phone screen? Or so I challenged not long ago. Phone screens actually have expanded to usurp laptops. A Blackberry, a Motorola, an iPhone, a Samsung. I’ve been through a mix. Only a phone or two ago, I told the sales rep the camera wasn’t important because I already had one. Now the phone has usurped my camera. The phone camera is the be-all to end-all component. Gorging myself on reviews of cameras on new phones before buying, failing to acknowledge that the subject and photographer and editor is the creative genius of any device.

I replaced my phone with its integral expiration date of 18-24 months. My quandary? Be wooed by the new iPhone X or stick with the Galaxy? I was briefly tempted by the Motorola with mods. But the downer was the price of add-on mods. And the iPhone is still missing that extra storage. 

Choices. There is always something that holds the power. It was the missing Bluetooth on a high-end Honda. It was the wish to please my father by choosing sensible shoes and the trumpet against my own desires. But making the wrong choice breeds dissatisfaction. When can you make a choice that doesn’t meet all your desires and settle for it? And when do you fight against your choice and build resentment? 

I wanted the iPhone. I wanted the Hasselblad mods. I chose the Samsung. I’m satisfied with my choice. I still think of the others but don’t hold arguments in my head or illicitly and passionately yearn for them. 

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