The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

Time Passes (a) Quickly (b) Slowly


60 seconds in a minute

60 minutes in an hour

24 hours in a day

The measure always the same. Yesterday I awoke before my alarm. I didn’t get up. Instead I lay there dozing but waking every so often, anticipating the alarm.

Why is it that the passage of time can feel so different? A minute not always a minute. A verdict so cruelly announcing ‘Not guilty’ suddenly switching to ‘Guilty’. Birth of a grandchild. Vacation come and gone. Ride on the roller coaster. The dentist’s chair. A collision of two cars. Years in jail for the wrongfully accused. Death. The passage of time measured in events. How can the same length of time feel both long and short?

Where did the time go?┬áIt’ll be over in a second. Just a minute. Time will pass quickly. Time heals all wounds. Time is your friend. Time is not your friend. Give it time.

We are able to control time in our minds with anticipation and apprehension. When will we be able to actually alter time?


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