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Does Any of This Mean Anything?


On my Road Trip — a bathroom stall with two full rolls of toilet paper on the spindles and an almost empty one laying on top. Which one do you use?

And on that train of thought, do you replace the empty roll on the holder or just put the new roll on top or on the floor?

Do you throw away that last sliver of soap, soap-glue it to the new bar or leave it laying on the shower floor to wash away?

If you stay at a hotel that gives you little bottles of toiletries, do you take them when you check out or leave them?

If you leave partially filled bottles, does the cleaning person pitch them or take them home?

Do you recycle everything you possibly can, a few things or nothing?

Do you buy the cheapest plastic item that will soon break or one that costs more and will last longer?

Do you pick up trash on your sidewalk or driveway or pray a gust of wind takes it down the road to the neighbor’s house?

Do you save a spoonful of leftovers or toss them? Or just give them to your dog?

Do you wash out the plastic container filled with moldy food or throw container and all away as a loss?

Do you eat the tiny pieces of potato chips or just throw them away with the bag?

Do you eat the crust at the ends of the store-bought (The crusts from home-made bread don’t count.) bread or throw them away?

Do you honor the 10-second rule on dropped food or put it in the garbage?

Do you take a refill on a drink at the restaurant knowing you won’t drink it?

Do you pick up a penny you dropped or just leave it on the ground as pretty much worthless?

Do you imagine new uses for old things?

Do you hold fast to what you paid for something or consider it a sunk cost at some point?

Does any of this mean anything? Does it reveal you as thrifty or wasteful. Dull or inventive? Energetic or complacent? Optimist or pessimist? Do any of these things reveal you? Is your choice environmental or heredity?

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