The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

There’s Always A Next Time. Hopefully, Maybe. Assuredly! No Doubt!


This is what my bed looks like now that I’m home. Last night, all just shoved onto the floor. Now I’m constructing a stack of brochures for planning. No. Maybe. Yes! When? Fall, spring, next summer. Then, searching for the little presents I bought family. Of course I bought a couple of things for myself. Dangling pewter horse earrings that I’ve worn the last couple of days. And cardboard glasses all around for the eclipse next week. I thought today was the 21st, and I had missed it. Thank god I had skipped ahead too fast. Glasses for $2.00 at the NASA Visitor Center at Wallops Island. Sweats with an iron-on Chincoteague down the side. And, a multi-colored woven hat from Peru. OK. I didn’t make it quite that far. But I did buy it in Berlin. No. Not Berlin, Germany, Berlin, Maryland. A town with a good, thin crust, just a tiny bit spicy, pizza. And a woman working the thrift shop who was a retired school teacher. (I seem to have a lifetime of school teachers surrounding me.) We swapped stories. And then I got a blue/green/beige bouncy Harlequin-designed skirt.

There seems always to be this let down after vacation. That unshakeable lingering feeling of wishing you were somewhere else. But this time, no let down. Maybe, because I know it’s not over. Trips of hours, days or weeks. Maybe not with ocean and wild horses in salt marshes or salt water washing over me. Maybe no midnight walks to watch fishermen on the docks or listen to the wheels of skateboards on sidewalks in the night. Maybe not a cup of the some of the best crab soups or fresh oysters. But something else. So today not a letdown, just a respite until the next time.

I cleaned the car of sand and mud. Turned my tent inside out to shake out the mud that had dried to dirt. Then stuffed it back into the little bags to wait their turn.


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