The Uphill Slide

There is always something.



A friend recounted her story of hire at the mushroom mines. She arrived for her interview in her best professional interview clothes. That was not the way to dress for an interview at the mines. As I was judged on my education, she was judged on her clothes. Time passed, and she did not get the call to report. My friend’s mother, who worked there, confronted the hiring manager. She asked, “Are you going to hire my daughter or not?”

“We don’t think she would fit in here.”

Her mother told him that her daughter had a horse and shoveled horse shit every day. My friend finally got the call to report for work. What swayed the hired manager? That my friend could shovel horse shit or that this was a mother that was not taking no for an answer. Nepotism works.

There are thousands of stories from this limestone mine turned mushroom farm. Add yours to comments at or email them.

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