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That’s Asinine!


“That’s asinine,” I texted. It was. Nonsense. But the rule-setters thought it was sensible. “Asinine.” The word of my day. Flair with a wisp of crudeness. Insulting. Joking. Use your head!

Asinine. The story Jacob’s accuser told of that first incident. A small house with two bedrooms and an irregularly small opening to the bathroom. That room part of another story. The bedrooms and bathroom pulled together by a hall, almost touching each other. Rolling into the living room that is just a few feet away from those doorways. You could stand in the hall way spinning and touching the openings.

Dead sober witnesses sleeping and not sleeping only a few feet away from the open master bedroom. Part of the room visible from angles of the living room. Rooms where sounds carry from one room to the other. A master bedroom where sounds travel up and down through the register. The sort of place where you turn the water on in the bathroom sink to cover sounds on the toilet carrying outside. I can picture the scenario in my mind. The police can’t. They walked through the living room to the basement. They didn’t visit the bedrooms or bathroom. The ADA can’t. He was never there and only saw the defense photos.

I turned on NCIS Season 1 Episode 1. Of course it’s a murder crime scene. “Kate” (Sasha Alexander) has taken photos. “Tony” (Michael Weatherly) grabs a magazine with a scantily clad girl and asks what her bust size is. Can you tell from that photo? A photo has limits. And if you’re like me, you are dimensionally challenged. Even the straight line. How far is 500 yards? Point out where that is from where I’m standing.

A picture is not worth a thousand words. Maybe for the photographer. And if the photographer is truly gifted, maybe viewers could write or speak a thousand words about it. Not these photos. They needed a truly gifted story-teller to bring the photo to life for 12 people deciding credibility.

Needed: road trip, diorama or a better advocate who can speak a 1000 words on one photo. The person to make people question. To point out asininity.

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