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Strangers in Dark Glasses


I have a memory of an eclipse when I was growing up. The sky dimmed in the middle of a sunny day. I was with my mother. An anomaly in our everyday life. And just a few years ago, the sky stayed bright all night. It was July in Fairbanks, Alaska. A break in our everyday life. The normal in someone else’s. How does it happen? Are you curious?

Block party in the Octopus Garden. A bunch of four-eyes looking up at the moon capturing and releasing the sun. Me and my daughter joining the party. Downtown my son took breaks to run to a parking lot and look up. I sent him my pictures of a bright spot in a dark background. He offered his glasses to others for a look. A couple took them while one or two were fearful. He met the ‘haters’. The ones who like to squash enthusiasm. ‘Why is everyone standing around looking up? What’s the big deal?’ And in fact, solar eclipses happen regularly, with a peak of 5 times in a year. But the usual is 2 full solar eclipses a year. That peak of 5 only happened 25 times in 5000 years. Once a couple of decades before my birth and the next will be a couple of centuries after my death. Maybe an eclipse isn’t the biggest deal in life. But we don’t often get the opportunity to watch a full solar eclipse. And you never know what’s going to turn into a big deal.

The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 is a memory. Let the haters hate. They don’t get it. Forget ’em. Share enthusiasm with family and strangers dark glasses.



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