The Uphill Slide

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Rock-A-Bye Baby


What’s your earliest memory?

Rocking in my crib. Up on all fours. Back and forth. Hitting my head against the solid wood end. Shifting onto my side curled fetal-like atop creaky springs. In the back seat of the Studebaker rocking with the motion and pushing away car sickness. A predilection for the rocking chair. A black one on North 9th Street that gradually crossed the room until I pushed back with my feet to start the walk again. The other in a farmhouse kitchen. Just a couple of years ago, I rocked and slept in the platform rocker to ease back pain. But I hadn’t self-propelled for years. Then a couple of days ago, I lay on my side in bed and rocked away back pain. What did Google say about my weird behavior? A tactic of young children to self-sooth. Be not ashamed. Some adults continue to use this childhood tactic for soothing. A drug-free internal pain medication.

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