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I’m exhausted. My ass is dragging. I’m pooped.

Car shopping sucks. Forget you’re spending too much money on something that will begin the downward spiral of value from the moment you drive away with it.

Jacob knew what he wanted: a used fuel-efficient car with a manual transmission and no smell of smoke from previous owners. He scouted out what was out there. He called dealers to make sure they still had what was advertised.

A friend drove him a couple of times. Trips took him to dealers that didn’t have what they advertised with salespeople who had to be hunted down. I went one day for a test drive. The salesman greeted us for the test drive. The car smelled like smoke. “We’ll bomb it tomorrow and give you a call,” he promised. But he didn’t call. Maybe they found a smoker-buyer.

This morning a trip to Charleroi to look at a Mitsubishi and Ford. Certified pre-owned.

The dealership opened at 9 AM. No one greeted us. We browsed and found the Ford. A detailer with a fat lip from a chew reported that the salesman didn’t show up for work. So he got the plate and keys for our test drive. By then the salesman showed up. Only a half hour late.

Off for a test drive in the Ford that clacked like a spin from the Wheel of Fortune. Back to the lot where the detail guy was vacuuming a Ford truck now.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“It needs brakes or rotors or both,” Jacob said.

“So, should I tell him you’re interested?” he asked.

“No, thanks.”¬†And the Mitsubishi parked on the street now? Not a manual after all.

A call to Tri-Star Blairsville confirmed they had both a Ford and Mitsubishi with the features. My morning of car shopping dragged into a day of car shopping. But finally we were greeted by a friendly salesman who had exactly what he promised. Two test drives later, Jacob decided.

I’m exhausted. What happened to those pushy salesman that barely let you get out of your car before offering to help put you in a new-to-you car?

P.S. The car in the picture was not the one he bought. It was just an alluring blue worth a shot.

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