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Passive-Aggressive Aggression


Facebook is the clubhouse for passive-aggressive postings. The underhand punch and jab. I stopped following my son’s wife for such postings that seemed directed at him after a fight or a jab in our direction for addiction. The type of postings that get the response “Oh, what’s wrong?”. I guess I hate the drama yet am stuck in drama. Everyone in their own little plays. I write it.

And then again during this devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Facebook sent out emergency flares for loved ones. So there’s the kindness of strangers and loved ones.

A Facebook post recently asked, “Is this what we’ve come to?” It was about the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey and making empathy and compassion about the politics. Yes, that’s what we’ve come to. I blame our President. Not for the hate. He didn’t create it. But he made it acceptable and even admirable to speak out for hate and clothe it as blunt honesty. But there’s honesty and then there’s cruelty. Didn’t your mother ever tell you “If you can’t say something nice, then shut the fuck up!”? My friend recently said, “If you have hate for a group of people, just shut up. Keep it to yourself.” Better yet, work on erasing it. Ask yourself why? Is your hate aimed at the quick-fix or the future? Because solutions take real insight and understanding trying to unravel the past to the root. Prohibition. Erasing drunkards and saving families. Addiction. Throw all the drug dealers in jail. All the addicts cured and no more hooked. Racism. Think of slavery. It’s all part of the history.

Haters, extreme idealists. At the fringes. Neither will be the solution. Unicorns do not exist except in some alternate universe where I want to escape on days when it all just gets me down. And then again, maybe humans just need drama. But hate will never solve anything. But it exists and gets fed. It makes things worse. For the hater and the hated. Idealists can’t change reality. Those on the extremes have no art of persuasion. They antagonize. It’s hard to see through the dense fog of their ideas to the eye of the storm. A need to act can draw others to the edge, to the fomenters. I wonder at times how many fomenters are true believers and how many just opportunists seeking power over others. Intoxicating power. Whipping people into acting. Strapping a bomb to the chest. Driving a car into a crowd. Sitting atop a hill shooting randomly. Painting ugliness on buildings.

Yes, that is what we have come to. Those on the edges do have a purpose. To motivate those in the middle, the silent majority, to speak and act.



  1. Today I struggle with not hating the haters.

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