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Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? I am not Mexican or of Mexican descent so is celebrating this holiday an excuse to party and drink? Does everyone celebrating know why? It is a celebration of a victory of the Mexican Army over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. I had to read a little about it. This year I chose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on May 5. That date is not just a Mexican holiday but was my 33rd wedding anniversary this year.

It was raining the day we got married in Butler as it was yesterday. In the sky after the rain yesterday though, I saw a rainbow. Omen? I don’t believe in omens; I think we just make connections to chance happenings, but maybe I’m wrong. Anniversary dinners. On my drive I was remembering a dinner, or rather a non-dinner, at a restaurant in Tucson. Diners watched javelinas out the windows while they ate. Unfortunately, nobody took our order in the 30-45 minutes we sat there. So we left without eating. Then there was a champagne brunch at an upscale Mexican restaurant while I was pregnant. No champagne for me. As I was daydreaming, I passed a car with an Arizona license plate. Omen?

I decided to drink a margarita alone in remembrance of Cinco de Mayo as a new tradition. Market Square was almost empty but with the sound of voices and music coming from buildings around  the square. The Cultural District was much busier with people walking up and down Penn Avenue. I passed bars and restaurants looking for the right place. I found it when I turned onto Liberty Avenue. It was Condado that opened in March 2017. Omen? It perhaps is not authentic Mexican but it was a good stop for my first celebration.

Celebration of Cinco de Mayo—a new tradition. How lucky that my anniversary fell on a holiday. Omen?


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