The Uphill Slide

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It is 2:30 AM. I am just coming out of the Loews theater where I had a private screening of Miss Sloane. There was no reason to silence my phone as I watched the movie, and no one glared at me when I accidentally turned on my flashlight. As I exited the screening room and walked down the hall, there was no one to wish me good night. The concession stand was closed and the lobby empty. I glanced into an open closet and saw a cleaning woman. She and I seemed to be the only two people in the building.

It was pouring rain as I walked through the doors onto the sidewalk. My little red car was the only one left in the parking lot sitting on pavement that glistened and shone in its wetness. I felt a sudden liberation to be there alone in the late night. As I drove up the road, the traffic lights were blinking yellow instead of reds and greens. Police cruisers passed me with lights flashing and sirens trumpeting their passing. A fire truck passed in front of me. It seemed that only those responding to emergencies were out with me on this dark, rainy night.

As I headed up the road towards home, I almost hydroplaned a few places on Route 28. My country road was navigated by my years of driving its twists and turns. The mist rose in front of my headlights hiding the road in front of me. I felt my way home to my dark house feeling alive and awake.

I love movies. It has been such a long time since I have gone to the movies, and now I have seen three in the last couple of weeks. It has been joyful to nurture one of my passions. I have enjoyed Arrival and Nocturnal Animals, and tonight’s movie was no exception. The title character is a lobbyist that takes pride in winning above anything else in her life. She is willing to sabotage her own career to win passage of a gun control bill. She is ruthless and hurts people, even those trying to help her. She withholds information. She does not consider anyone’s feelings in her manipulations and maneuverings. To the co-worker she deeply wounded, she offers an apology of sorts. She tells that young woman that she often does not know where to draw the line. Her co-worker responds to that statement saying that Miss Sloane (paraphrase) crosses the line when she stops treating people with respect. The young woman adds that it is simply because Miss Sloane does not care (about respect and feelings). This is the truth about a person who acts without consideration to anyone’s needs but their own.


Arrival. Directed by Denis Villaneuve, performances by Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, 21 Laps Entertainment, 2016.

Miss Sloane. Directed by John Madden, performances by Jessica Chastain and Mark Strong, Transfilm, 2016.

Nocturnal Animals. Directed by Tom Ford, performances by Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, Fade to Black Productions, 2016.



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