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No Means NO!


No. I’m not writing about the subject dominating so many conversations now. I’m writing about salespeople.

In this case. a pushy salesman. One with no boundaries-no limits.

One morning the salesman sees a past customer. It’s his business to remember faces. He hasn’t seen this one for over a year. The best customers are repeats. They earn your cut with profit moving up the pyramid. He asks, “Do you need anything?”


He lists his inventory. “Do you need anything?”

NO. I don’t use your products anymore.”

He should be happy. But he’s not. He’s a salesman using his own products. Products that can grab hold so tight they could squeeze the life from you. He’s not taking NO. He needs to draw you back in. Remind you.

“NO. You need to leave or I’m calling.”

And now the salesman is not wheedling saccharine. His voice has changed. His attitude has changed. He’s threatening. Perhaps because you threatened to call someone. Because his job is criminal. His product illegal. He’s a drug dealer.

Then he begins talking about you to others around you. People you know. Because he wants to humiliate you for daring to say NO. Because he can’t understand NO. Because he can’t say NO.

But NO is universal. NO means NO dude. Learn that. Respect it.

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