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Me? Savvy?


Yesterday someone called me savvy. Commonsense. Good judgment. Shrewdness. I only wished that I believed I was the person he saw. He called me intelligent another day. His compliments, because I consider them compliments, made me suspicious of manipulation. Did he see me that way or was he playing me? Because I hadn’t recognized manipulation in the past, I looked for it in the present. So that’s where I am. Suspicious. Words can’t be trusted. Honesty can’t be relied upon. That’s where I am now. Because if any of those compliments were true, how did I get here? By ignoring those very things. The explanation is that many of us embody both the synonyms and antonyms of our description.

Fortunately for me, I don’t see every man as having an agenda and untrustworthy. But that man giving compliments, he has an agenda. I know that. Maybe he’s right. I’m savvy to recognize his agenda. Despite any inclination to lump en mass, can’t be done. Huge mistake. No group embodies all those abhorrent bad qualities of an individual. Pretty soon I’d need to place the human race en mass into the arena. Then there’d only be me after placing everyone in their group. It’s one for all, and all for one. And where does that leave me then? Which group am I in? Intersecting a bunch. Instead, just use your savvy to recognize the individual speaking with forked tongue and the one speaking with guile as a straight shooter. They both fool you.

Won’t get fooled again? Of course you can, and probably will. Be prepared. Be savvy.



Honestly, that song by The Who written by Pete Townshend reminds me not so much of my life except in its title. It’s about the world.

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