The Uphill Slide

There is always something.



“Can I speak to the decision-maker?” the salesperson asked.

That’s an easy one, because the answer is the same no matter who you talk to in the household. No sale, don’t want any, not interested.

Everyone is a decision-maker. I make decisions every day that have little to no impact on anyone else. It is when I start making decisions that impact others that I feel the weight of them. My decision to move with Cary was one of those more recent decisions. I had a sounding board and some feedback, but not the feedback I needed. I dangled choking.  Sometimes decision-making is shared, and sometimes you are alone. At work decision-making was an integral part of my job. I had decisions that affected other people. My co-worker was my sounding board offering her valuable feedback.

Some people are not afraid to make hard decisions and accept responsibility. I am a waffler, back and forth, back and forth. I want the advantage of hindsight to avoid making a mistake. What is that Shakespeare saying from Twelfth Night? “Be not afraid of greatness. Some people are born great, some people achieve greatness and some people have greatness thrust upon them.” Some people are decision-makers, some people become decision-makers and some people have decision-making thrust upon them.

Jacob has important decisions. He craves the sounding-board of family and friends. It is important for him to talk.  He does not ask or even want anyone to make his decisions. I think now I have said, “I don’t know” over and over again. I feel helpless in providing any real insight to make the right choice. All I can do is listen.


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