The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

It’s My Birthday, It’s My Birthday


What? Another one? Didn’t you just have one a year ago?

What’s my first memory? Being born? No. Don’t remember a thing about that day. This morning we whizzed past the place I called home back then, Leader Heights outside York PA. My first memory? Rockin’ and head buttin’ in my crib.

Doing anything special for my birthday? Well, yes. Cary is going to a baby shower in Lancaster on Monday so we decided to make a weekend of the trip. Just happened to coincide with my birthday and Memorial Day.

Visiting? National Aquarium. American Visionary Art Museum. Eating seafood. Tomorrow? Edgar Allan Poe and perhaps some gardens. Never make lots of plans. A sampling of highlights of Baltimore. The places everyone visits. But the only way to really know a place is to spend time there. Even then each time you return there is some new thing or some new perspective.

There is always something.


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