The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

It Gets To Me Some Days


My son put his hand on my shoulder yesterday while I talked. A small gesture with big impact.

The President dismissed John Dickerson. You call that an interview? The President’s on wiretapping and Obama, yet again. Obama is personal, not politics. Why? Trump tells the reporter we each have our own opinions. Is this opinion or fact for the news?

Life is surreal. The body is being pulled in all directions on the tortuous rack.

A hacker in Ohio was charged with crimes. He entered computers with ‘Fruitfly’ and turned on the camera as the anonymous voyeur.

Cover your camera.

He stored child pornography on the hacked computers. He targeted children. He entered Macs that have the reputation of hack resistant.

Who’s gonna’ believe you claiming it’s not your child porn on your computer. The weaponized computer turned around on us. And it’s lucky? to have caught this man since his hack wasn’t big enough to draw much attention. It’s the small-time hackers who often escape detection. Thirteen years he went undetected in people’s lives. He was a child on the brink of adulthood when he began.

Facebook tracking all my clicks and likes and shares. Selecting more of the same for me. Targeting the best and worst. A machine knowing me too well. A BFF or an enemy?

Should I become unplugged before I become undone? 

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