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In The Pouring Rain


Last night I headed off to Planet Fitness. By the time I got there, large pounding raindrops were hitting the windshield melting into sheets. I turned short into the parking row and ran up onto the divider curb straddling the front and back passenger side tires. ‘Stuck’ as my grandson says. I got out of the car soaked by the time I reached the cover of the building. One of the first things I bought when I was on my own was AAA. Here was my first call to them.

“They will be there in an hour,” the operator said. Should I wait with the car or exercise? Might as well put that energy to use; update texts on the tow driver’s location would tell me when to press the cool down button. I put in a few thousand steps to end the count for Wednesday and a couple thousand more for Thursday when my Fitbit rolled back to zero at midnight. I was waiting outside as the driver pulled up. I ran to the truck with rain washing away my sweat. “I’ve got to think about this,” he said. I learned as he changed my tire he had only been on the job about two weeks. He called his boss for advice, but while he was talking a man came by and said, “I can get that off there. I’ll get some guys and we’ll lift it up.” The driver came back, and I told him we were waiting for the weightlifters. Out the guys came in the pouring rain and lifted my car up and drove it off. The tow driver was changing my tire when another man came out of Planet fitness and said, “You need a Jeep, girl.” I laughed, but then I thought…

I did love that red Jeep Cherokee, but they just don’t make them like that anymore.


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