The Uphill Slide

There is always something.



“No photography” the sign spelled out. I hadn’t seen it until I exited through the entrance. Until I had already taken 100 photos. I missed it because I started at the end to miss the crowd of people following a guide. 

I was not alone in the exhibit rooms. There were security guards in the main foyer. Yet no one warned me that I was breaking the rules. No one looked at me in that accusing way law-abiding citizens look at law-breakers. Would I have told someone like me the rules? Or would I have kept silent to avoid hearing “mind your own business”?  

When I saw the sign after the fact, I felt guilty. Caught with the goods, except I hadn’t been caught. I was home free. What should I do? Delete those photos? Was this a test of my ethics? 

If so, I failed. I kept the photos.  

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