The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

I Accuse



I was a litterbug. I would have protested name-calling. I want to pass blame to big business that puts the product in my fingers. But I claim free will or some semblance of it. I was guilty. 

Cigarette Litter Prevention. I picked up the pamphlet at Ohiopyle State Park.

A man stomped his cigarette out on the basement floor. Was he born in a barn? But to excuse those ill manners, I hadn’t put out any ashtrays for smokers.

I thought butts would disintegrate into the environment. But they have something called cellulose acetate. Plastic.

In my most recent relapse, I stomped and trashed butts on my walks. But I was guilty of tossing them from moving cars. I bought some ashtrays–plastic–at the Dollar Store for the car and my porch in the country. They fit perfectly into the plastic cup holders. Did car manufacturers believe that removing the ashtray would stop smoking? Cost-cutting and not health-conscious.

Please put your butts in the ashtrays and trash cans and shove that image of a growing mountain of plastic bottles and cigarette butts from your mind.   

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