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How to Avoid


Passive-aggressive people. My son asked a professional. How do you know if a person is passive aggressive? Because you want to avoid that. They make you feel shitty hitting below the belt. You’re expected to read minds or hear the silent words. Interpret actions. I wrote in a previous post that Facebook is the ideal place to discover it. But it’s everywhere.

Hey, I know honesty isn’t always easy. Honesty even makes us afraid. I’m on high alert for my own passive-aggressive tendencies. Maybe I just write them out. But why do we do it? What happened to us to make us that way? Why don’t we just scream at that person we’re aiming at?  But here was a professional telling my son he was on his own. We can’t help you. Hopefully they can help the passive aggressive person if he/she asks for help. Hah!

We are left to navigate through a quagmire of people who never say what they mean or ask for what they want but still make you feel shitty and defensive.

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