The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

How Do You Know?


John Smith opened the door to two uniformed police officers. “May I help you?”

“Are you John Smith? We have a warrant for your arrest,” one officer said.

“For me? For what?” John asked incredulously.

“Burglary,” the other officer said.

“You have the wrong man. When did this happen?” John asked suddenly afraid.

Ruth met with her professor to discuss the paper she was writing on the wrongfully convicted. She explained her research and her personal connection to someone wrongfully convicted. “How do you know this person is innocent?” her professor asked. “I have known this man my entire life,” Ruth said. “But sometimes you do not really know someone,” her professor responded. “I just know,” said Ruth.

“A funny thing happened to my husband,” her professor began. “He was getting ready for work one day, and two officers came to the door with a warrant for his arrest. They were looking for a John Smith, and we think he was just the first John Smith that came up in their search.”

“How do you know he was the wrong John Smith?” Ruth asked.

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