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Happy Holidays


It’s almost Christmas Day. A holiday I’ve always celebrated though my beliefs have been questioned and tested through the years. But I grew up in anticipation of the holiday and presents. This year in our apartment the excitement is mounting for Santa coming down our chimney. For this grandson, like many kids growing up in a split family; he gets more than one celebration. On the plus side of the list for a family divided.

This year I’m seeking the late Christmas Eve service ushering in Christmas Day. For the pomp and memory. Then home late and up early.

“Have a nice holiday!” I say to strangers. It is a holiday with a day off work even for those not celebrating this season. The greeting seems right for strangers who have a life and belief system I don’t know. And if you insist on saying Merry Christmas to all, it is America as so many like to say. You have freedom of speech, and if you say it to the non-observant I interpret as sentiment of good will and peace to all humans no matter what their religion. So Happy Whatever you’re celebrating, be it anything.

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