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Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to my son. It was a day for memory. It was Memorial Day in Tucson the year he was born. As most parents, we had hopes for a fulfilling and happy life for our son.

It was bright and sunny that day as it was on most of the days in Tucson. The dazzling dawns woke us each day instilling feelings of joy and vitality. For years after we left, we wished we had stayed.

We visited Tucson again with Jacob and our daughter when they were in high school. We showed them the houses where we had lived and visited all the places we had loved. The memories were still strong and the place still alluring, yet the desire to return there permanently had left me.

wp-1464228228967.jpgJacob began this birthday with a cat card from me and a ‘Happy Birthday’ text. There were other birthday wishes for him from friends and family.

I am sad that he was not able to celebrate this day with his entire family. There will be more birthdays and holidays that he will not be able to share with us for who knows how long. How can that be right? It is not right for him or us, any of us.

Jacob is home again, and that’s worth celebrating. He is spending time with a friend, and that’s worth celebrating. He had other good news today worth celebrating. So it was a good day.

There is hope that this will be a good year for a life that began 29 years.

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