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Half-Full or Half-Empty?


Some people just hate change. If only life could go on never-changing. They really just mean bad change, though, because good change is welcomed.

In the workplace, change is always difficult and getting employees on board is hard. You have to make them part of the process. You always have at least one employee with the mantra, “But this is the way we’ve always done it.” And then if the change doesn’t work out, “See, I told you so.” Sometimes the idea really is a bad one, but sometimes it doesn’t work because your employees sabotage it. They do that because they hate change, and management didn’t present it in the way that employees could buy into. And it’s hard to get buy-in. You have to know the employees and the organization to find the right way.

Change is hard for lots of people. Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t change” or “I’m too old to change”? My response is, “Are you dead?”

Change forces us into the unknown arena of good and bad. And sometimes we can’t see beyond the bad possibilities or consider that bad sometimes does bring something good. There is a balance. The bad in my life brought me closer to my children as adults. Maybe, it’s in the DNA or goes back to something in our past, but some of us are half-full and some of us half-empty. It’s hard to be around people who are our opposites. My husband was the half-empty person in the last few years while I was the half-full person. I told him it was hard to be around his pessimism, his end-of-world view. He knew it, but he didn’t seem willing or able to change it. He at least tried to keep his negativity in check around Jacob. He did not have faith in the system or faith in people. I did not have faith in the system either. I had faith in people. I saw good people in the system. I did not see the people who accused Jacob as all people. Or maybe I thought that such an injustice could not go on without the truth coming out someday. But I know it can go on and some innocent people will never be exonerated, so why do I have hope? Because sometimes the truth does come out. I think it’s those positives that keep me from clinging without hope to the negatives.

We half-full don’t always get what we want with our optimism or just because we think we can will it so. If we did, then we could convert those half-empty people to our side. So how and why do we keep going? I have no idea. I’m not sure I’ve always even been a half-full person. In high school, one friend told me another friend said all I did was complain. A complainer doesn’t seem like a half-full person. Did I complain a lot? I don’t know. What was it I was complaining about? I don’t know. Maybe this was one of those times when so-and-so said this about you was just meant to stir a little shit. All I know is that I’m half-full now. I think Scarlet O’Hara in this one line from Gone With the Wind said it best, “After all, tomorrow is another day.” Because it is.

I think I deal with change rather well. It’s not easy; some things harder than others. But I have even welcomed change and the unknown. Of course, if it’s bad I look back with the “If only I had done this instead of that”. It’s human nature to do that. Eventually, I try to move past it, again, not always easy. For my son’s case, I will never move past that one. I can’t change the past, but I will never stopping hoping for the future.

Some people say that as we get older, it’s even harder to deal with change. I don’t know if that’s true. We definitely get our share of change. It would make sense we would kick and scream against it. So much we love of life changes. Our families change, adding and subtracting. Our jobs end. Our bodies betray us. Our dreams are unfulfilled with time running out. We might switch roles with our kids. It seems to really suck unless maybe………’re half-full.

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