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I must write something every single day. It’s obsessive passion. I look for inspiration around me, but today…it seemed there was nothing. This morning Cary and I met Jacob and his friend for breakfast. We talked of family and video games and movies.

Last night I went to see 20th Century Women. I wanted to like it; I didn’t. It was a movie about people, a character study. I could write stories of each one, but this film was slow. I kept waiting for more. I might relate to this mother-child as my mom/me but not me/mychild. I considered walking out in the middle. But, I paid, I stayed. Jacob told me I could have asked for a refund if I left in the middle. Never knew that, good to know now. It really is a waste sitting through a movie you don’t like or reading a book that doesn’t grab you.

I mentioned seeing a Facebook post yesterday about Jacob’s former college roommate. That roommate has a YouTube channel called SomecallmeJohnny. His tweet from @somecallmejon on January 10, 2017  was used in an article “Super Mario World Secret Discovered 26 Years Later” by Robert Acosta posted on The Daily Buzz . That’s big.

There were years after high school graduation when we wondered when Jacob’s interest in video games would end. When would he grow up? He had grown up; he just also kept his passion for video games that began at three when Santa brought the original Nintendo game system for Christmas. As George Costanza asked, “Was that wrong?” on a YouTube video, we asked that question for the adult Jacob. The answer for George was ‘probably, yes’ to having sex with the cleaning lady on a desk at work.’ But playing video games is not wrong for adults. Movies about comic book action figures are not just for kids. Jacob has many adult friends with his same interest in gaming. I like those friends. They are adults; some have families, and they love playing video games. When did we draw a line between child’s play and adult play? I made the mistake years ago of thinking gaming was just for kids; it’s for adults too. It’s an interest I don’t share, but it’s not wrong. It’s just not mine.

20th Century Women. Directed by Mike Mills, Performances by Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup and Lucas Jade Zumann, Annapurna Pictures, 2016.

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