The Uphill Slide

There is always something.



Do you have follow-through? My brother told me a long time ago that he was given responsibilities because he finished what he started. He was tenacious and resourceful and followed through to completion. He was committed to accomplishment. There are just some people in life you know you can depend on always, and others who might be there or might not. You are taking a chance when you depend on people who only follow-through sometimes or only on things important to them. So what type of person do you want with you if you are stranded on a desert island? The resourceful, committed person or the failure at follow-through?

I don’t always follow through. I thought about the projects I abandon and realized that it is only me who is hurt by those abandonments. When others depend on my follow-through, I do. My employers could rely on me to finish my tasks. My family could rely on me to take care of business. My daughter could rely on me to find a place for her and Caleb to live after completing counseling despite the fact that I lamented it. But if I made a promise, a vow, a commitment, I keep it.  My word to others means more than my word to myself, my concern for them real. I beat myself up sometimes for lack of  follow-through on my own projects.

I met a young man who was brilliant and full of ideas, but he lacked follow-through to make those ideas reality. Maybe the ideas were just meant to live in his head without ever being implemented. Maybe his follow-through was exactly the life he had or maybe follow-through needed him to find the implementation person for his dream. We have lots of ideas, but some of them are just pipe dreams; and we know it. My daughter says follow-through is one of her problems. There is only one project I hope she can follow-through on—sobriety. That is the one that affects all others.

How often do we drop the ball on projects or tasks or even people? People abandon one thing without completion to leap into the bed of some new project for the lure and promise of something new. How exciting and promising a new project seems until it isn’t, and you realize that the real problem is your follow-through. What a mess these failures at follow-through can leave behind! But even they depend on those who follow-through to clean up the mess left behind. So who do you want with you on a desert island?


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