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Drug Wars



I just bought this Melissa and Doug pounding bench for my toddler grandson. It is designed with a seesaw action so as he pounds down the peg on one side the peg on the opposite side pops up. It never stops…up and down. This toy reminded me of the show I watched recently on HBO called HEROIN: CAPE COD, USA. I watch shows on the epidemic of drugs in America having experienced this problem as a parent. it was sad to watch as a young woman talked about her love for her two children and her diminished desire for drugs only to hear that she had relapsed and succumbed to her addiction. She was not the only fatality highlighted in this special. A young woman woman is proud that she had never stolen from family and friends but chose rather to sell herself to support her habit. She also succumbed to her habit. Another young man wants to stop but cannot. He disappears.

One point this special made was that the legalization of marijuana has impacted the price of heroin. In that effort to maintain profits, illegal drug dealers have decreased the price of heroin to make it more attractive price-wise. It is all about economics in the illegal and legal world of drugs. We should stop talking about a war on drugs and talk about the war on drug addiction. We arrest some dealers and confiscate a big haul pounding down that one peg only to have the one on the other side pop back up. How much money do we spend on this drug war that might be spent on dealing with addiction? We are not winning that war on drugs, but there is an economy built on that war.

I think in class we said economics was the study of how people made choices and decisions based on scarcity and demand. Figure out what drives that demand for drugs. Why do some of us have the drive for drugs while others do not? Or maybe it is just that others drive is for something else: food, cigarettes, sex, fame, beauty.

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