The Uphill Slide

There is always something.



‘Should we be preparing for WWIII or Civil War II?’ the cartoon posed. Technicalities. Where would the Civil War be fought? In the backyard against my neighbor? If there were no geographical dividing lines, how could I tell who’s who? Would we be forced to wear armbands with symbols? Could it operate like the The Purge¬†when I could murder anyone just for the hell of it or because someone pissed me off? We’re all dead then. Is there a third choice? This isn’t the legacy I want to leave. Is this just doomsayers making absurd predictions? Or prescience?

According to Ferraris and Opera Were Urgent, but Grenfell Tower Risks Went Unheeded, there were doomsayers living in the Grenfell Tower in London. Complaints went into the suggestion boxes-the dead-end drop. Only tragedy brought acknowledgement of the truth. Always too late recognizing the doomsayers are right and not crackpots. In London the rich were heard and the poor ignored. Loud Ferraris driven by Middle-Eastern types were dealt with. Racism acknowledged one place and ignored the other. Annoyance taking precedence over safety and life. Residents righteously saying this is about inequality between rich and poor. There is nothing wrong with having money if you have an understanding of priority. Money should not put you at the front of the line. Buy some hearing protection and a face mask for the dust from construction. Need over want. Save lives.

Are doomsayers the alarms that we keep slamming down instead of rising to prove them wrong?


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