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Do You Need A Plan?


I had a plan for this Earth Day 2017. A trip to Ohiopyle. Went to bed early and set the alarm for early. I didn’t get up with that first alarm or the second or the third. Then I turned it off. It was 8:30 AM when I rolled out of bed, literally rolled off from that blow-up mattress close to the floor. I had to have coffee. It wasn’t late but seemed too late. Plans should be flexible. Plans should be changeable. Plans should be discarded. Sometimes you shouldn’t even have a plan.

“What do you have planned for today?” I asked my daughter.


“Well, let’s ride the bus downtown and go to the Point,” I suggested. Just the bus ride is a treat for Caleb. Do you remember being excited by something small and seemingly unexciting?

It was an Earth Day celebration in Market Square with face painting and bands and giveaways. Caleb swayed to the music, we ate, we got some pastries at Prantl’s and walked to Point State Park. We watched the tour boats go by and a water skier. We got sprayed by the mist from the fountain and called in a duck and passed by a too-friendly goose.  We walked past the gray and white murals of dandelions (I think) along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail to the non-flowing (Have you ever seen the flowing waterfall steps and the lights? Fantastic.) water walkway under the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. By the time we reached the bus stop in front of the August Wilson Center, Caleb was fast asleep.

Save the earth. That’s what we three enjoyed today. Nature in the city. The earth and trees and rivers and birds.

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