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Cloak and Dagger


Love tech-hate tech. Love-hate relationships nurtured by ignorance and naiveté.

Messages popped up as I emptied my crammed inbox. A host program was using my webcam. Chrome was using my webcam. Who was videoing me? I texted someone computer intelligent. “Never saw that before.” I stuck my maple leaf coffee sticker over the camera. 1984. NSA. But there would have been no warnings.

I had a meeting a few months ago. I felt at disadvantage sitting facing a window through which bright light distorted my view of the person opposing me. We waited to speak while he fiddled with his phone and then slipped it into his shirt pocket. It was a fishing expedition that might land a live one. My quandary was: (1) believe the words of a proven liar or (2) a lawyer. Don’t get me wrong. In grade school, I wanted to be a lawyer for a brief time. And now that I have seen the job up close and personal, I have thought again about it. Because I have different perspectives. About morality. About equality. About the law. About justice. And lawyers can be the ones to bring change as can the accused and the exonerated. I have an appreciation for lawyers and a distrust of some.

When I left with the parting words that we could probably work something out, it occurred to me that phone in his pocket might have been recording.


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