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Building Memories


A white Christmas. . The day of song is over. So leave us now.

Christmas was good. Not perfect. The three-year-old loved his presents. Santa’s cheapest and smallest the favorite-purple slime.

The boy was excited when he saw our tree-shaped lighted outdoor decoration. Perfect for an apartment with no spare corner for a real fake tree. Except this one was only half-lit after I assembled it Saturday night. It’s going back to Costco today. Not perfect.

The Christmas meal was Belmonte lasagna built with first-time-used no-boil noodles. The peanut blossoms, cream wafers and roshky baked in a flurry on Christmas Eve were the topping. It’s been a long time since I threw myself into baking and cooking. Not perfect. But I haven’t lost it.

Nothing was perfect. Wait, yes it was. As good as it is possible to be.

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