The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

Both Sides Now


“Has he come to his senses?” someone asked me.

“No, he’s not coming to his senses. I’m sure he never thinks of me. When he shuts out someone, they’re as if dead to him. This is over.”

If you are the partner of a cheater in a supposedly monogamous committed relationship, keep your focus on the right person in this drama. That other man or woman is just the person a cheater uses to get what is desired because your cheater doesn’t know how to deal with problems and looks for the solutions in other people. It is a distraction from the truth. It is depressing for me to realize that after all these years. If only I had known the role I played long ago. Try not to be distracted.

And now I am on the official road to divorce, and I am afraid. How strange that when I’m almost at the end, I am the most fearful. I should be relieved.

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