The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

Boot’s Journey


“You know what I’d do with her,” he said. I did know.

Rejected for imperfection? She should live her life to its potential and not be discarded for an affliction of the breed.

A new home, spayed to prevent another accidental pregnancy, chipped to track, and treated for her ear. Treatment that was not enough.

To the hospital last night for an overnight stay before surgery. She tugged at the lead as the vet tech led her away. “We’ll be back for you,” I said. Is she a person? No. But she relies on people to be there for her needs, whether basic or health care or just knowing when it is time for life to end.

The surgery to be determined after sedation and examination. Do I hate spending the money on this surgery? Of course. I hate spending money on my own medical treatments.

Pets. They are there for us. I laughed at a cat cartoon taped to the computer screen as the tech checked me in for a mammogram yesterday. It said something like ‘may all those people who hate cats come back in the next life as mice’.  And later in the vet’s office the hanging cloth of a cat seeing him/herself as a lion. They are our friends, confidantes, protectors—loyal and affectionate.

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