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Sex and Drug Blocker

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I put a spam blocker on my blog; and now a year and a half later, it’s blocked 1,766 malicious login attempts and 774 spam comments. The count is rapidly rising—unnerving to realize that strangers want to take me down. Well, I may not know them, but I know what they are.

In the beginning, spam was ads to sell watches and invite me to earn money writing and buy services to increase traffic to the blog. I questioned if those messages about increasing traffic were really spam. I was interested, but afraid to click. Many of my messages are in Russian now, with just enough English to know they’re offering me online sexual fantasies. They are usually comments on my post “Phone Calls to the Incarcerated”. I wanna’ click on that link to lead me down the rabbit hole, but I know they’re just trying to steal my data and infect my computer with some STD of computers. Today they’re trying to sell me Viagara with a payday loan to cover all this fantasy life. I really don’t need Viagara anyway; and besides, isn’t that for men? But then I googled Viagara and found out it might just work for women’s libido. So men and women both want it.

I don’t know what changed in my blog to encourage pornsters and drug pushers to solicit me. Maybe it was the posts containing a word of profanity or my post about drug addiction. But then these Russians usually attach messages to that post about the incarcerated. Maybe they’re targeting my ex-incarcerated son. Sorry, he can’t even read my blog or take you up on your offers.

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