The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

As Luck Would Have It


Why? The universe has no answer. It challenges, “Why not?”

Just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Ignored warnings? Left a backpack as open invitation to a thief?

Cary and her friend rounded the corner from the Starbucks to see two people staring at the shattered side window of our car. Her black and gold backpack was gone. The Kleenex and band-aids and knife and suntan lotion from the console was scattered on the seat.

Why her? Why me? Why our car? Shit happens. Así es la vida. C’est la vie.

Plastic and the indispensable duct tape kept out the rain and cold.

The thief was unlucky. There was no wallet in the pack. No money. No credit cards. Not one coin in the cup holder. Nothing valuable in the console. And a friend of a friend fixed the window for a good price. We felt lucky. Did that make sense? But there it is.

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