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Research about blogs touted the “About” page as the most important and most visited page of any blog. Here I am 9 months and 50 posts later without this quintessential page. What should be on this page, I wondered. Bloggery experts recommended that I tell the visitor how I could help them. That’s a hard one. What can I do for you? I am an expert in nothing and cannot and do not want to offer you advice on anything. I have no product line of goods that will make your life easier, help you live longer, make you more attractive, make you smell better, or teach you a language in only 10 days. How can I help you? How disheartening to think I might have nothing to offer.

So here is what I offer the visitor: an occasional rundown of sightseeing; random stories about grandchildren; rants; accounts of our family’s experiences with the police, the courts, the jail; links to articles or videos or shows I found interesting, informative, discouraging or infuriating; a few photographs around town and country; a peephole into my life. You may be entertained; you may commiserate; you may say ‘stop whining’; you may say ‘this is a waste of time’; you may feel grateful that your life is not mine; you may wish that my life was yours.

I named my blog The Uphill Slide because when I began to write these posts, I felt as if I was on a steep hill climbing up while sliding back. It was that dance: two steps forward one step back. I am actually on the downward slide of life now. Now just four weeks away from 65, I cannot snub death. It may come in an instant as my fingers strike the key; I could be dead by morning. Does that realization catapult me from this chair and away from this keyboard? I have tons of things to do. I want to learn to play the piano. I want to learn to take awesome photographs. I¬†want to earn my master’s degree. I want to earn a doctorate. I want to visit every country in the world. I want to write words that someone will read. I want to leave something behind. Do I want too much? Do I have time for just a few of those things? I have great genes and could live for years.

How can I help you? I will leave that for you to answer.

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  1. I believe when we speak our truths and send them on their merry way to cyberspace we help ourselves – and in so doing we help all others.
    That’s just me. I wouldn’t worry too much about helping others. That just comes from your stories. It connects us to each other’s successes and failures.

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