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Grabbing Hold and Letting Go


Is Facebook an addiction? A troubling feeling that the application is unhealthy for the psyche flows over me. I’m not anti-social or so introverted I don’t want to share a bit of myself. But the heads bowed to the screen? I think I might not like the total if I were to keep count of the number of times I check my account. I don’t like the twinge of the unpopular kid in school whose posts no one likes either.

“How was the movie?” I texted a friend. Her review was on Facebook to reach greater numbers. I didn’t see it. I logged out and removed the app from my phone. Signing in now means opening on my browser and entering a password each time.

Columns of the pro and cons of Facebook have no tipping point. All-in, moderation or cold turkey? My gut growls cold turkey and my brain believes it can control anything. It’s so hard to quit things that are both loved and hated.

What do other people say? I skimmed Jim Carrey’s recommendation to delete our Facebook accounts in protest of Facebook making money from Russian interference in an election. Oh, and sell your stock in the company too. But a writer says we need each other to share our work on this platform and give and receive feedback. My opinions lean more to the emotional.

Should I stay or should I go?

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