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2017 May Be Looking Up


I picked up a copy of the Pittsburgh City Paper before I went up the elevator to visit Jacob before his surgery. I had the paper opened to a letter in “Savage Love” and handed it to him to read. He read it quickly, then turned to the “Free Will Astrology” column and read the horoscope for Gemini. We share the same astrological sign, born only 2 days and 36 years apart. Is it possible that we could share the same prophecy for 2017?

“Read it,” he said.

“…I’m sure your romantic history has compelled you to deal with equally challenging dilemmas [referring to the literary character Scott Pilgrim], Gemini. But I suspect you’ll get a reprieve from that kind of dark melodrama in 2017. The coming months should be a bright and expansive chapter in your Book of Love” (Brezsny, 36).

The next evening we watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as the title character punched and chopped and stabbed his dream woman’s seven evil ex-lovers. Looks like I need to get in shape and boost my energy to win that dream lover.

Brezsny, Rob. “Free Will Astrology.” Pittsburgh City Paper, 01.04/01.11.2017, p.36.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Directed by Edgar Wright, performances by Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Universal Pictures, 2010.


  1. Hi Barbara,

    This is Bill Bowser, a neighbor from years ago and fellow classmate. I just found your blogs that were emailed by the WWFHS site. I have only read a few blogs so far but plan to read more. I enjoyed reading and I give you a lot of credit for being able to “put it all out there”. I think that everyone that reads your words can relate to a few things you talk about. I certainly can.

    Bill Bowser

    • Thanks, Bill. I’m glad to hear from you and appreciate your reading my blog. What happened a few years ago led to me putting it all out there and realizing how much I loved to write. And if you’re going to write personal things, it has to be authentic. If you lie, then it’s not real; it’s fiction. I actually want to try my hand at that too. Even later in life, you find yourself doing new things.


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