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Understanding Each Other


The guy in the black bowler hat quietly said ‘shit’ or ‘damn’ or something impolite around a stranger. He apologized and offered an explanation that the bus driver was rude. I thought maybe a little but not super rude.

The driver and the old lady in the red hat had an exchange that sounded like bickering spouses or the condescending child to the mother she thinks is losing it. Or two people who know each other just enough to be irritated. But the bus driver bothered black bowler. He jumped in and moved up beside red hat. I heard the word Costco.

It started with Costco. Red hat asked the bus driver to let her know when we reached Costco. To which the driver responded that red hat rode this bus every week. What she seemed to be meaning was “why the hell don’t you already know where Costco is?” Of course she didn’t say those words. She was just pointing out in a roundabout way that the huge warehouse with big red letters spelling C O S T C O should be obvious to someone passing it every week.

Red hat didn’t seem at all bothered by her conversation with the driver. Maybe the underlying meaning escaped red hat or she had learned to ignore unsaid things trying to point out she wasn’t as sharp or observant as she had once been.

And when we got to Costco, she didn’t get off. She decided to go to TJMaxx instead.

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