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Don’t Get Cocky


Facebook never fails to feed fodder.

A community wants to give Narcan to every citizen to use as needed. Will you take it? Will you use it? Are you willing to save a life? The answers? Yes’s. Lots of no’s. Judgmental and fearful. Dangerous to touch someone using heroin with Fentanyl. Sued for improper use. Sued by the suicidal addict. The addict is throw-away. Wants to be an addict. The unappreciative addict. Better to carry the Epi pen or insulin to administer. People needing that drug will be appreciative. They deserve to live.

If I develop lung cancer or other cancers, should you treat me? I may have contributed to my disease by smoking or eating unhealthy or not slathering sunblock on my skin. So many bad habits. I knew it was wrong. I just didn’t care at that moment. Sometimes I just don’t have the willpower. I’m weak. I eat the candy bar and the restaurant meal that delivers all my daily calories in one sitting. I don’t push-off from the couch to exercise. I make excuses. I’m weak-willed. My emotional state leads me to bad habits. Always looking for that brain high from my bad habit.

Some employers are charging employee smokers higher premiums. Life insurance carriers ask, “Smoker?” They may even deny you coverage with certain diseases. Your family doesn’t deserve money for your bad habits. Insurers know everyone is going to die, but statistically, you may die sooner. They won’t be able to collect enough premiums before your death. If they can’t profit from your life, then no one gets to profit from your death.

Maybe it’s better to save money and let the addict die. A drain on a community, on society. Millions spent in one small West Virginia community according to the Netflix documentary HEROIN(E). They know the cost, and they’re willing to spend it.

So I’m judgmental too. Of all those no’s. And a commenter hit the mark. This is just a treatment like insulin and the Epi pen. Look for the causes.

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