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I’m Not Confused


There are people, parents, who hate when someone makes a comparison between a kid and a pet. Honestly, I’m not insulting your kid! And I’m not mistaking one for the other. I have both, kids and pets. Most (I’d like to say all, but who knows?) of us love our kids more than our pets.

And now, memes for this subject. Memes, memes everywhere; nary a thought without a meme. Memes are the new quote without credit to any author. Quote of the masses. So I hear ‘ya. But cool your jets. It’s not an insult when I compare the toddler’s potty training to training my dog or cat. The cat and dog were much easier. In fact, all I say to the cat, “Here’s your litter box. You know what to do.” Maybe they were more anxious to please. Not a criticism, just an observation. I know. It’s not the same. My pets aren’t toddlers in training pants. I’m not confused.

Maybe you’re insulted because you don’t know the joy of both. I have friends with pets and friends without. I have friends with kids and friends without. And then I have friends with both. If we have kids and pets, we can make the lists of all the advantages and disadvantages of both. The kids will win. For me anyway. But still, I see the little things that pets do that remind me of something human. Or maybe it’s just trying to instill humanity in what isn’t a human. And I know they’re not humans. But it doesn’t bother me if someone calls their dog or cat their baby. It’s OK if they really feel that. I’m not insulted or bothered by that.

So if I talk about my dog or cat in the same sentence with my kid or someone else’s kid, it’s not an insult. I’m not confused. Just an observation not meant to insult. Commonalities. Loyalty. Love. Playful. Destructive. Kisses. Squirming in my lap. Snuggling. Sharing my food. Hogging the bed. I am having a hard time seeing that same list for those more exotic pets like lizards and snakes and tarantulas. Maybe that’s the old saying, “Opposites attract.”


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