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Father’s Day


It’s one of those days.  The once a year day when children try to express their feelings for fathers. Love for the gift they gave us. Being there. Others may come into our lives as father figures and earn that same appreciation.

My father has been gone now 18 years. He made me feel safe. He made me feel loved and special. He tickled me until I wanted to cry. He took me to the farm. He took me to the stockyards. He convinced me to buy practical shoes instead of fashionable. He tried to teach me to drive.  He hurt my feelings. He was proud of me and ashamed of me but accepted me for both as I made mistakes to become independent. A father who was also a grandfather remembered on this day. There are all kinds of fathers and the best is the one who gave you unconditional love. My father. Remembered not just this one day, but everyday.

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