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Sooner Than Later


Caleb is afraid of the toilet. His small potty sits beside the big toilet. He will pee in the small one and occasionally the big one but refuses to give up the poop to either. We bought a toilet seat that has an adult-size hole and an overlay seat for that small butt. There are steps for him to climb on. He still doesn’t want to use it. He loves to flush though. I tried to put him on the toilet at Sheetz one day. He yelled, “No, no Grammy. Too big.” I am so warmed when he calls me Grammy no matter what he is saying. It gives me that ┬ásame feeling I get when someone I met remembers my name the next time we meet. It makes me feel like our first meeting had some impact on that other person. We connected. When Caleb calls me Grammy, I feel so connected to him.

He refused to use that ‘too big’ toilet. Is it reasonable for him to fear the toilet? Does he think that he will fall in that hole? He could if I didn’t hold him. He fears the unknown as most people do. Eventually though he will conquer his fears. Sooner than later we hope.


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