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A Little Less Bright


What a beautiful sunshiny day! That brightness always makes me feel happy. The morning was spent on taxes; the afternoon reserved for Planet Fitness before picking up Caleb. Today is the start of a new week to try again to make sporadic exercise a daily regimen. As I waited for the green light at the intersection of 5th & Penn, part of the Lincoln Highway that I just recently noted on two signs along the street, a man of about 40 stood in white tennis shoes, jeans with holes and a blue t-shirt. He was holding a cardboard sign that I couldn’t read in the bright light. I knew what it said. What it always says. It is a common sight on Pittsburgh streets and corners, but the homeless are not peculiar to Pittsburgh. Even in Armstrong County, we knew the stories of our homeless. It is hard to tell the ones who are honest and those feigning the condition. It seems to many an easy way to make money, but I don’t think it would be easy at all. And this man had a familiar look on his face with his eyes cast down on the ground. I stared at him in recognition and then drove on as he folded up his sign and moved back to the sign post to wait for the next line of traffic.


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