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I Know the Difference Between Need and Want


The things I need are basic to survival and humanity. Tangibles and intangibles. I need love; I need touch; I need respect; I need my family; I need friends; I need air; I need food; I need water; I need sleep.

I didn’t need a new television. I wanted it, but I said I needed it. We tell our kids they don’t need the new game system or toy. But adults are the same. I’ve wanted lots of things I didn’t need. If you’re lucky, or perhaps it’s unlucky (lottery winners who claim that windfall ruined their lives), you get to buy those things you don’t really need.

Our television died as soon as we moved into the apartment in November. It was old and had a long useful life. I went to Costco and bought a new one. Not the biggest or best, just enough for our needs, whoops, wants. It was the TCL (The Creative Life) with a built-in Roku. Sounded great. We used the Roku all the time for Netflix and Amazon and VUDU. When I hooked up the devices they weren’t recognized through the HDMI ports. I thought—bad TV. But I considered that it was me that hadn’t hooked it up correctly. My understanding of electronics is sometimes rudimentary. When the cable guys came on Sunday morning, the HDMI ports didn’t work for them either. Now I had the confirmation of professionals that it’s wasn’t me. It’s—bad TV. Of course, Costco is wonderful on returns. They take your word that something is defective. They let you return things you simply don’t like. I wanted to buy a different brand. You know, once burned. My son convinced me that one television was just a fluke, and I did like that built-in ROKU. Now five months later, the TCL television quit. It was stuck on the home logo screen for a day until suddenly it worked again after being jarred. Then I turned it off. When I turned it on again, stuck on the logo. I needed, rather wanted, a new television. My grandson wanted to watch Moana and Sing. Back to Costco. This time I bought a  VIZIO that hopefully isn’t spying on me. And then the TCL will be going back for me to explain its intermittent life.

And that old TV from home? I took it to Jacob to check out. It worked. Maybe it just needed a jolt to its system. I’ll bring it back to use with a ROKU. What seemed so novel and great, not so much. It seems that there are often unseen problems in the newest model.


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