The Uphill Slide

There is always something.

Imbalance, Balance


Yesterday my car went to Honda for an overdue recall and inspection. It’s reaching a middle age when you have to do your check-ups. Neglect can be fatal. I walked back to the apartment in the cold flurries, a change from the almost balmy temperatures the day before. On Monday evening skateboarders passed me on the sidewalk in Garfield but this morning a skateboarder wearing a headlamp in the early morning light waited on the street with other traffic for the green light at Penn & Negley.

I walk; I think; I talk aloud sometimes. Occasionally someone glances at me as if I might be talking to them. Today I was thinking of ¬†The Borrowers¬†about little people living in the spaces of houses always borrowing from the humans. Borrowers and lenders. Givers and takers. Yin and yang. Things in pairs. Opposites. But yin and yang is about a balance, complementary opposites creating a whole. The other pairs, lopsided in life. If you’re the heavy sitting astride the seesaw, then perhaps you never realize the imbalance of your life thinking that rising above others in the air looking down is the right position. But for the low-end of the board, dissatisfaction with the inequality.

My goal is to find balance in life, my own yin and yang which never comes from another person.


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