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Kicking and Screaming


Week 2 of Daycare.

Caleb sleeps with his mother, something both my grandsons do. How comforting and secure to go to sleep beside someone you love and trust so completely and find that person still there in the morning. But Caleb has his own bed. He has slept in it a couple of times.

The last two mornings he awoke with his mother at 4 AM. He followed her to the bathroom while crying and begging for hugs, yet savvy enough to know that wasn’t going to stop her. He was still crying and screaming as he followed her to the door, but he also stopped to grab a pillow from the bed to drag back to the sofa. He cried for a few minutes as we laid together but was soon quiet. These nights of interrupted sleep are hard on us. Hard to get back to sleep and even harder to get back up in such a short time. I slammed the snooze button several times until a half hour more had passed. Caleb said, “I coming” as I walked to the bathroom. “Where going?” he asked.

“To play with the kids,” I cajoled. He started crying when he heard those words but followed me to his bedroom to get dressed. He picked up his dinosaurs for the car ride. Last week he began to whimper three blocks away from daycare and erupt into loud sobbing as we parked. Each day I left him at the door crying and turned away quickly like feeling the sharp pain soon gone with ripping off the band-aid. The babysitter reported that he was soon playing with the after kids after I left. Yesterday and today, he did not cry as we walked to the door. He didn’t even look back.

Caleb had no voice in our choice. He might have made life miserable for a lot longer, but he adjusted quickly. He’s learning the lesson that everyone should. You can kick and scream for as long as you want at change, but you just might be happier if you adjust. You have to learn to pick your battles.


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