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Falling Down on the Job


From someone

“Let’s be honest, to meet a womankind constantly is very expensive for the pouch. And every man is trying to find a cheap Viagra. Sildenafil pastille should be available to everyone suffering. Every man has the right to make nice to his womankind.” (And womankind has that right too.)

or this one from

“Whenever I watch an ambulance, I like to fantasize there is a baby being born, rather than a end pu 7408 (also selling cheap viagra).

OK. My spam blocker is not catching everything sending such as this into my comments. And sex is important; it is life. And it is those charlatans and shysters who play to our most intimate desires and deepest insecurities to manipulate us. So many trying to fool and take advantage of us. And can’t they at least find a human translator to sound legit?

It’s fortunate that I have final approval. Now here I am publishing their messages. But I’m not giving you the links to their products.


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